Doula & Childbirth Education

Lending A Hand Towards An Empowering Birth Experience

For Birth, Parenting & Life’s Journey


Birth Doula

Emotional, Physical and Educational Support in Pregnancy & Birth

Virtual Doula

A unique virtual support experience that is tailored to your needs

Postpartum Service

In home wellness and physical support

Online Childbirth Education

A combination of mindfulness and body/brain science for a holistic, self paced approach.

In-Person Childbirth Education

A combination of mindfulness and body/brain science for a holistic, approach in your home or local community

About Me


Doula & Educator


  • Her company, warmth, compassion, lack of judgement, and overall presence was so deeply appreciated.

    Bianca provided anything needed and was more intuitive than my husband (of no insult to him) to get me a refreshment, snack, cold compress, or talk to me while my husband took rest during my epidural.

  • Bianca was very reassuring and confirming to me through the whole delivery process

     Any concerns I had she was very resourceful for me throughout my pregnancy and went above and beyond what I expected, it helped put me at ease. Her knowledge of both the homeopathic approach and the medical/hospital was very supporting for me. 

  • Bianca will find you a resource or a contact in her network who can help

    Bianca is dedicated, compassionate, and non-judgmental. Bianca truly does go above and beyond.

  • She worked so well with the nurses and midwives

    I appreciated her calm demeanor even in the roughest hours. She was truly a wonderful part of our birthing team

  • She gave honest & positive opinions

    I highly recommend Bianca if you are looking to have a natural birth or just someone to coach you through each stage of your labor with warmth and never any judgements.

  • Bianca had a reassuring and experienced perspective on what was normal in my process and labor progression

    Bianca has a calm presence offering both guidance and practical support as an extra set of hands, and allowing my husband to really just focus on me.



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