About Me 

My Why

I believe that the childbirth process is a unique opportunity to change your life into what you want. Your body and mind are going through serious physical and hormonal changes, making it ripe for rewiring and creating new pathways.
When you feel supported and nurtured you can let go of yourself and expectations and allow for wonderful life lasting personal growth to take place.

When the birth process is nurtured it pushes you to ask deeper questions and pursue deeper meaning in life and personal roles. To me the birth process is existence wrapped up into one intense experience that allows you to open yourself up and take on your unique purpose in life.
I believe that if we nurture and provide for new mothers and families we give them power and confidence that will ripple across the generations.

The effects of a positive childbirth experience will create a life long shift towards personal greatness. The skills that you learn during the process such as mindfulness can be utilized and expanded on in parenting and everyday life. The birth process is the beginning to a whole new life in so many ways. 

I am a advocate for social justice and equal access to doula and midwifery care across the nation so that each women and family have safe and dedicated care. My voice is getting louder with advocacy towards equality and access the more I learn about maternal treatment across the nation. I am an aspiring Midwife and am excited to continue my education in what I love for the betterment of growing families. 

I believe in a future where mothers and families are nurtured no matter of race, location, economical class or sexuality. When we are nurtured we grow and give back our individual passion to those around us. Imagine a world that encouraged and supported the sharing of individual passion? I believe we can start supporting that reality one mother and family at a time.


When you feel supported and nurtured you can let go of yourself and expectations and allow for life lasting personal growth to take place.

My Story

My name is Bianca Cothen!

I am so excited to have found my passion in life through the birth community. My goal for each family I work with is to lend a positive hand during the childbirth process in order to encourage trust, safety, comfort and self growth.

I began my adventure into the birth world in 2011 when I took my first birth doula training. Before this I was heading into the institutionalized medical world and had years of experience as a nurse assistant at Massachusetts General Hospital. I have always loved taking care of people and helping them become stronger. I enjoyed my role in the hospital, but never felt completely satisfied in my future projection of life. My husband (who at the time was a friend) asked me what I loved and could see myself pursuing a lifestyle in and I immediately responded that I love Moms and Babies but had no idea where to start. He suggested I look into the work of a Doula- something I had never heard of. Once I learned what a doula was I felt like the work was created for me, it was exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

After I got my training with DONA I soon connected up with a local homebirth midwife and started attending births. I was officially hooked! My career as a doula worked well into my lifestyle as a homesteader and farmer and allowed me to ease into my place in the birth community. I finished school in 2012 with a degree in Biology and education and was happily figuring out my life in a self made, off the grid homestead in Northern Maine. After my first daughter turned one in 2015 we moved to my family’s farm in Hollis NH where we continued to live for the next three years finding our feet as sustainable farmers. Working for mother nature seems to be something I am a fan of! In 2018 all our ducks got in a row and we made the shift to our forever farm in Lebanon Maine where we can now flourish in all aspects of our life.
I am ready to take my passion and influence to the next level and be a stronger support person in my community. Like any passion that is given enough thought, it begins to seep into your life more and more to the point where you can’t help but share it with the world. I am turning my inner passion into a purpose and creating a life around the service I love.

As I continue down my path I will continue to gain more knowledge and wisdom. Currently I have my certification in childbirth education with CAPPA and Gentlebirth, I have trained in Spinning Babies techniques and am on the path to pursuing Midwifery (CPM).I am always in search of growing my knowledge so I can better serve. It brings me such excitement to be in the place in my life where I can practice my passions full time and be a reputable resource for my community.

At home I am a wife to one of the best husbands and Dads in the world (I call him my life doula). I am a mother to two wild and lovable girls Nora and Mable and my super helpful and caring step-son Jo. We are a farming family that believes in nurturing the world around us and leaving it better than we found it. We practice small scale, low impact, intensive and sustainable farming. One of my life goals is to grow and raise all of the food we eat! Learn more about our farm journey as it unfolds on our website and social media platforms www.spiritwindfarmllc.com.


My Family

My family is a huge part of my success. Their support for what I do allows me to leave at any moment to attend a family.
We live our life by our passions and encourage our kids to make a life doing what they love. Our goal is to share our passions with the world and create a purpose to share with others.

Aside from my passion of working and advocating for growing families, I love farming and growing food for my family and community.
My family includes my Husband Josh, Stepson Jo (10), Nora (4), and Mable (1).


The Team 

A strong birth team is important for the emotional growth and success of the birthing person. Having a solid team involves proper delegation of roles and responsibilities, all of which starts with proper communication of desires and feelings. The team is there for the mothers well being so that she can focus all her internal energy towards birthing. 

When choosing your birth team you need to listen to your inner voice or that gut feeling. Talk to your partner(s) and make sure you are all on the same page about what is required of each other. Always choose the best team for you. You need to feel safe, secure, supported and free to move and make decisions how you wish. Ask questions, get people engaged and committed to a role.