Childbirth Education Classes

Through education we gain confidence in our abilities.
With Confidence in our abilities we reshape our thoughts, actions and outcomes

Create an empowering opportunity

For those that are local I offer private and group childbirth education classes.

There is something special about making time for dedicated education.
 Meet the local pregnant community and create lasting relationships or have a private class dedicated to you.
Either one will help you feel connected!


You Deserve It

The base of my education is to build your emotional tool box in dealing with any stressors that come your.
This education is intended to help create space for empowerment and personal growth in the birth experience and beyond. This education can be useful for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, partners and future parenting.

Quick Look at Topics Covered

  • Anatomy and Physiology of how the body AND mind work during pregnancy, birth and postpartum ( How a partner is affected too!)
  • The physical brain changes that are occuring in both pregnant person and partner and how to work with your reactions to encourage lasting change.
  • The current leading science of mindfulness and how this can apply beyond the pregnancy and birth process.
  • Tools and techniques to use during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Physical techniques and mental exercises.
  • Information on procedures available to mother and baby during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. How to make sure you have informed consent.
  • Online and book resources
  • Encouraging and confidence building projects
  • Answers to frequently asked questions and general concerns
  • Digital handouts
  • (optional purchase)
    Personal Doula designed: ESSENTIALS bag- What I think are essentials tools for labor.
    (list of essential items is included in basic package)

Educate Yourself!

I want to see you succeed in feeling empowered during such a time of change

Education is key to confidence. Make time for yourself growth- you are worth it!

  • You deserve a fear free birth experience
  • You deserve to know how to be in control of your reactions
  • You deserve to feel powerful
  • You deserve to feel supported and strong no matter what obstacle is in your way.
  • You deserve to be the person you want to be.

You have the ability inside of you and I would be honored to lend a hand towards building that confidence.


Education Pricing

4 Week long series- 1 day a week for 4 weeks- 3 hrs a class-

1 Weekend Session- 2 days, Saturday & Sunday- 6 hrs a day (9am-4pm-includes time for lunch and breaks)

All Group Classes are $150 Per Couple

In Home Private Session
2 session Package (6 hrs Each) 
4 session Package (3 hrs Each)

All Private Classes are $200 a couple
(includes travel costs and tailored lessons and ideas)

*Host a Group Class*
Want a free class!?
Host a class with three or more other couples/people and you get to attend for free! 

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