Virtual Doula Services

As an virtual doula I will provide email, phone and online support for all questions and concerns along the way.

I believe that every birth deserves the care of a Doula- there is a doula for everyone, and I encourage individuals to choose in what works best for them.
Virtual prenatal and postpartum doula support is another form of options available to choose from.

Explore what truly best fits your unique personality, birth team and comfort level, and remember to feel empowered! 


Virtual Support

My online version of doula support is everything but the constant physical support during the birth process. I will be emotionally and informationally supporting you the whole way through your pregnancy and postpartum time. 

As an online doula I will provide in depth virtual support and help build your birth plan and increase your confidence in the process. I provide unlimited email support for all questions and concerns along the way. 

We will have personalized prenatal phone or Zoom meetings that prepare your confidence in the pregnancy, childbirth and parenting process.

Services Include

Meet and Greet Chat-
30 minutes: Free
(No charge if we go over)

One, 1-hour call: $80

Two, 1-hour calls: $150
Please try to allow for One call at least 4 weeks before estimated guess date so what we discuss is fresh on your mind.
Calls can be batched or spaced out.

Three Call Package: $225 (+ one free postpartum check in call) 
One call at least 4 weeks before estimated due date
Calls can be spread out over a few weeks/months or condensed
Three call package includes a postpartum check up call and birth story debrief free of charge.

* Unlimited email support during pregnancy and postpartum is provided with all options.
Once your Doula- always your doula- Never hesitate to reach out for any needs along the way! 

Virtual Postpartum Offer

One 1- hour call: $80

In this one hour phone call I can listen to your needs and provide local resources for you. I want to be able to easily connect you up with local resources.
Let me take care of the research of your needs and I will report back to you with the results as they roll in.

I have access to an extensive birth worker network that I can utilize for you. Getting you the results you need locally with no hassel on your end.

Price Includes 1 hour phone call to assess needs and unlimited email support.

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